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Mixpanel Integration
Mixpanel Integration
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At a Glance: Via this article, you will learn how you can integrate with Mix Panel a product analytics platform, and share data from Trackier to Mixpanel

How to Integrate with Mixpanel

  • Go to Integrations tab and search for Mixpanel

  • Click on "Active" button and go the general settings

  • Enter the project ID which you will find in your mix panel account inside project settings

  • After that, you would be required to create a service account. This option will be inside project settings

  • Once you will create that and click on "Add" you will get a a user name and a secret ID, simply copy paste that to Trackier's inetgarion panel

  • Oncce you have added these details click on the save button and go to your mixpanel account to view the data

MixPanel Interface

  • You can create multiple reports in terms of funnels or flows for different in-app events. You can break the data via partners or can see events getting triggered based on date ranges and compare with different dates.

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