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At a Glance: This article will provide you deep understanding of the dashboard properties available over the platform.


Once you have registered your application you will have some metrics to view over the dashboard. These metrics will be helpful for you to measure the KPIs and see the performance of your application.

Top Widgets


This gadget will show you the clicks and impressions that your application has received over the period of time that you have selected as part of the range.

You will also be able to see the trend for the same.

Total Revenue

One can see the total revenue along with the total rejected and accepted revenue for organic and non organic data.


Study the trends for the installs, click-to-install percentage and fraud installs

Note: These stats are clickable and will redirect you to the dedicated reports.

Geographical Distribution

  • Here you can see the clicks, organic and non-organic installs, fraudulent installs, revenue, cost and impressions via geographical distribution. You can also filter out the data based on partner and channelYou will see that the areas where the traffic is coming from will be highlighted differently, and those with no traffic will have a blank white background.

User Acquisition Trend

  • View the data for clicks, organic and non-organic installs for different dates based on the date range you select.


One can see different KPIs such as clicks, installs, revenue etc and group them via partner, country or channel.


You can view the trend line and trend chart for metrics such as clicks, impressions, cost etc and filter out the data based on partner or channel.

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