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  • How can a partner or an agency which is not listed with Tracker, can sign up?
    They can sign up using this link: https://mmp.trackier.com/register?type=partner

  • Do other agencies or partners have to pay anything to Tracker?
    No, they just need to sign up. Once done they can access the platform for free.

  • What is the attribution touch type we work with?
    We work with the Last touch attribution touch type.

  • Is there any influencer signup or how we can create links for influencers
    Influencers can get their links from the advertisers as they can create unilink for them.

  • Can users also create QR codes that can be shared with affiliates or influencers?
    Yes in UNILINK → Create link → QR codes.

  • Can we add APK or unpublished app on the dashboard?
    Yes, you can upload APK and integrate our SDK so that we can start tracking the numbers for attribution

  • Is click to install rate show the total install rate or only the non-organic install rate?
    CR% shows the rate of non-organic installs.

  • Can we create a custom dashboard for internal use?
    Yes, one can create multiple dashboards on different metrics and have a pictorial representation for analytics purposes in the customer dashboard section on our platform.

  • Do fraud numbers show cumulative organic and non-organic installs or only non-organic?
    Currently, fraud installs show total rejected installs from organic and non-organic

  • Is the retention report based on installs and uninstalls or installs and usage?
    Retention report works on the principle of how many people installed your app on 1st day and then how many people open your application in consecutive days.

  • Can we see event data only for new users?
    Yes, in the In-app event report, → Apply filter ( Data from new users )

  • If a user updates the app will it be counted as a non-organic or organic install?
    If the app is already integrated with our trickier SDK and then the user updates the app, it will not be counted as installed either in organic or in non-organic

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