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At a Glance : This article will help you gain an understanding on agency level data, where you will get an insight into Impressions received from agencies, as well as Agency-wise revenue and Agency-wise events. We hope you find this article useful and informative.

You will be able to see graphical representation of agency level data which can be further categorized as Agency wise Impressions, Revenue and Events recorded on the panel.

Note : You will only get the data in the agency section if you are successfully integrated with an agency.

Clicks Data


You will be able to view detailed click statistics from your top-agencies and apply a custom date range so that you can have the exact data you need.

Navigate to Extented Report by clicking on View Report.

Report Overview

You can check data by Filter by

  • Agency

  • Partner

  • Date

  • Country

Revenue Stats

You will be able to view statistics for revenue from your top-agencies which can help you analyse data and take decisions accordingly.

You can check Total Revenue vs Cost Vs ROI graph

Events stats

You will be able to view statistics for Events from your top-agencies based on which you can analyse the data.

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