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At a Glance : This article will provide you understanding over application settings available on the panel.

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In case you want to change some of the attributes of your application that you first entered for instance currency, category, or re-attribution window you can do the same through application settings.

Parameters that you can change

  • Application Name - In case you have changed your application name and you want that to be reflected as part of your MMP platform you can do that by simply editing the name.

  • Category - Each application comes with a category with which they deal. You can change the category of your application by choosing from the drop-down a new category.

  • Currency - The user can change the currency as well in case they have started dealing with a new one.

  • Re-Attribution Window - A window during which re-installs aren't considered as new installs. You can choose to set the time period as 30 days, 1 month and so on as per your requirement.

  • Unique Key for Uninstall Identifier - You can choose the events of your application from the drop-down and choose to map/track data for uninstall identification.

Minimum Session Duration - You can add minimum time between sessions in minutes or hours.

Note : In case your application is not Live you can choose to "Disable" the live mode. Also, you cannot change/modify the URL, Operation system and Timezone for your application

Whitelisting IP

IP whitelisting is when you grant network access to only specific IP addresses. With the help of IP Whitelisting, you can give access to the tools and software to specific IP addresses you consider trustworthy and can block other IP addresses.

Note : You can whitelist maximum 10 IP addresses and both IPv4 and IPv6 are allowed.

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