SDK Integration

SDK Integration

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At a glance : With the help of this article you can gain insight into the various functionalities offered by Trackier SDK and decide which APIs you wish for your Android or iOS application to utilize.

SDK stands for "Software Development Kit". By integrating a mobile SDK, developers can access tools like analytics or re-engagement, or connect to ad networks to run in-app ads. Trackier allows you to integrate SDK easily and without hassle using the SDK key.

SDK Integration

  • There is a unique key generated when you enter the details of your application which you can then use and place in your application to record the in-app events.

  • In case, you don't have a very good knowledge of setting up this you will also find a step-by-step guide and documentation for Android, iOs, Unity and React native which you will find inside the SDK integration segment of your account or can follow the below-mentioned links

    Advanced SDK key

    Trackier offers you advanced SDK key feature where in you will be able to select one or multiple SDK keys and if the traffic is received other than the selected key's then such entries will be marked as fraud with a valid reason for the same.

Guide for Integration

  • For an overview of the setup please go through the below links
    a) Android - GitHub - trackier/android_sdk: Trackier MMP Android SDK
    b) iOS - GitHub - trackier/ios-sdk

  • For SDK Initialization, please go through the link here. Once the initialization is done you are all set to track your events in the application.

  • For SDK Signing, please go through the link here. SDK Signature protects you from SDK spoofing. This occurs when fraudsters send fake requests to the servers of attribution companies and app publishers.

  • Setting up SDK integration for any In-app event is entirely optional but can be tracked and done via following this link.

Broaden your knowledge :-
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