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Create Custom in-app Events
Create Custom in-app Events
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At a glance: This article will help you to set up and customize in-app events on the panel.


Any user action that occurs after the installation of your app is considered an In-app event. Trackier MMP will automatically track all attribution events, and you can create custom in-app events to track every action a user takes.

In order to set up event tracking, each event is given a distinct event ID.

Tip: You can add as many events as you want to track in your event.

Steps to Create Custom Events

  • Go to the Event section on your panel.

  • Click on "Add event" to create a new event

  • Name the event as per your in-app event.

  • After the event is created, you can share access to the SDK event ID with your team for SDK integrations.

  • In case you want to see the built-in event you can choose the filter option and can choose "Built-in events" under Event type. You can also filter your data based on the event ID and event name.

Note: Once you integrate the SDK with the event ID, you will be able to track all the custom events on Trackier portal.

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