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At a Glance : This article will provide you understanding on how you can enable alerts on the platform for different KPI's along with the priority and severity of the alert.

Trackier allows you to create alerts based on different dimensions and KPIs. You can send yourself live alerts on either email or by webhook. Follow the below steps to create one on your panel

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  • Basic Details

    a) Enter Name and Priority - Give your alert a name by which it is identified along with the priority. Any high-priority alert will be sent first followed by medium and then low.

  • Advanced Settings

    a) Dimension - You can set different dimensions for creating your alerts. All app traffic signifies the whole application stats and data, Media source will have different media sources that you are working with, campaign that you are running, you can set dimensions for ad, ad ID or site ID or you can choose for country
    b) Filter By - In case you choose any other dimension than "All app traffic" you would be required to filter out your data be it on the basis of country or media source or campaign
    c) KPI - Choose the KPI for which you want to set limit and would want to trigger an alert.
    d) Rule and threshold - The rule would consist of operators such as greater than or less than. Enter the value for threshold in terms of limit.
    e) During - You set a date limit under this option. As of now we have last 24 hours, last 72 hours and last week
    f) Minimum number of installs - To set a limit as to after how many installs will the alert be active

  • Notification Channels

    You can add the email receipts to which you want to send alert or if there is any other channel you can go for webhooks

  • Review and Finalize

    In this step we will ask you to review all the details that you have filled so far and if all goes well you can click on the "Submit" button to finish the process

Note: Click on finish to enable the alert feature.

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