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Google Ads Discrepancy
Google Ads Discrepancy

Google Ads Discrepancy

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At a Glance : This article will provide you clarity over the possible discrepancies that occur between trackier and google ads.

While you create your campaign on Google Ads and use Trackier to view stats for different KPIs such as clicks, installs, impressions, revenue and more, there are cases when your data might not match the exact value shown on your Google Ads panel. While we work closely with Google Ads to minimize these discrepancies, advertisers should be aware of the following reasons.

Discrepancy between Trackier and Google Ads


Google Ads


Assisted installs (aka Multi-touch attribution)

Google Ads, as an SRN, attributes all installs following engagements with Google Ads, within their attribution window.

Trackier AppsFlyer attributes the last click in a user's journey

Install record time

Google Ads attributes the conversion to the Click time.

Trackier attributes the conversion to the launch time (app open).

Reports time

Google Ads dashboard might have a few hours delay in displaying conversions.

Trackier’s reports are in real-time.

Time Zones

Varies based on location

Varies based on location

Attribution window

30 days

Google integration is set for 30 days by default (can be modified).

View Through attribution window

You can set your view-through conversion window when you create or edit conversion actions.

Make sure to have the same mapping as that of what you have set in Google ads account. The maximum limit is 7 days in Trackier

Re installs

Google Ads show reinstalls as a session_start conversion.

Trackier attributes and displays re-installs (AKA re-attributions) as part of its retargeting data.

In-app events

Google Ads attributes the in-app event to the Click time.

In the Trackier dashboard, in-app events are attributed according to the install time. In Raw Data Reports, Trackier attributes in-app events according to the time of the event.

Note : Please remember that in case you are using any other platform for tracking stats the numbers will not be reflected correctly as either Trackier will getting attribute or that other platform. So please keep in mind to delink your account from any other platform and not work on 2 different platforms at a single time.

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