Integration with Google Ads

Integration with Google Ads

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At a glance: This will help advertisers or app owners to integrate with Google Ads and track conversions.


Trackier MMP provides conversion tracking and attribution with Google Ads campaigns. To integrate with Google Ads, follow these steps:

Setting up Google Ads as your integrated partner on Trackier

  • Go to Tools & Settings in your Google Ads dashboard and select Linked Accounts.

  • Select the Manage & Link section under Third-party App Analytics.

  • To add your App Link, click the + button.

  • Choose the Other Provider option under the App Analytics Provider section.

  • The following step will require a Provider's ID.

Note: Please contact your Account Manager to get the Provider's ID.

  • After obtaining the Provider's ID, choose the appropriate App under Look Up Your App by selecting the relevant platform for your mobile app (iOS or Android).

  • Click on Create Link ID.

  • Once you click Create Link ID, you will be able to see your data on the main screen and a Link ID on that same page.

  • You can copy and store this Link ID with you and it will be required to put it in Trackier MMP when you integrate with Google Ads.

Note: You have to repeat these steps to generate Unique Link IDs for each of your Mobile Applications.

Adding measurement conversion scales with Google Ads.

Once the Trackier MMP is configured, you must add a conversion measurement scale to the Google Ads platform.

To set the Conversion method for your App, refer to the steps & images below

  • Conversions can be found in the Measurement section of Tools & Settings in your Google Ads Account.

  • Click on New Conversion Action.

  • After choosing Import, you must choose Third-party App Analytics from the menu that appears.

  • Check the boxes next to first_open of All your Apps, and for each event that you would like to import.

Note: You need to re-import if the Partner Event Identifier is changed in Google Ads.

  • Click Import and Continue and then Done to complete the process.

You will now be able to see your third-party conversion events in the conversion actions table and in Trackier MMP as well. Click on the name of the event to see more details.

Note: Once you Import and complete the Conversion App Process, it might take 8–9 hours for Google to send the response to the postback.

Adding Link ID in Trackier's panel

Once you get the Link ID from the Google Ads platform, you have to add the same in your Trackier MMP panel.

Follow the below steps to add the Link ID and activate the Google Ads Integration.

  • Go to "Integration" from the sidebar.

  • Select partners and then search for "Google Ads".

  • Activate the partner and sign in with the Google Ads account

  • Enter the Link ID, that you generated while setting up Trackier MMP on Google Ads.

  • Next, go to "Attribution Window" and set the attribution window for Install Click-Through and Install View-Through.

  • After enabling default and In-app event postback, click on save

Note: Please make sure that only main account of Google ads is selected which you are using to run the campaigns.

Once done, it will take around 6-8 hours for data to sync and your integration with Google ads will be complete.

Reasons why there can be a slight bit difference in stats between google console and our panel -

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