Steps for New Partner Signup

Steps for New Partner Signup

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At a glance: This article will help partners to register themself on the Trackier MMP platform.


To start working with an advertiser or app owner partner needs to be registered with Trackier MMP. For new partners here are the steps to register as a partner on Trackier MMP, you can go to the Registration page and click on sign-up.

Immediately after completing the form, the account will be activated by the backend within 4-6 business hours. Post activation, you shall receive the email with login credentials and can start working on the panel.

Set-Up Instructions

The next step requires the partner to set up their account via three Headers, namely:

  • Adding basic details.

  • Adding Organisation details

  • Setting up Install Postback

  • Setting up InAppEvent Postback

Set up the Install Postbacks and In-App Events Postbacks using the list of partners:

Install & In-app event Postback setup:

  • Go to the postback configuration page

  • Select Install or In-app event postback

  • Select the tracking platform.

  • Add your postback URL.

  • Set your parameters and respective macros against them. We support a complete set of macros which you can see from here.

Note: All the parameters that you add will be appended in the postback URL.

  • Click on next

  • Enable the postback to make it active and click on the next

  • Review the postback details and click on finish and your install postback setup is complete.

Note: Once the same has been set up, wait for the Advertiser to approve you and assign apps for promotions.

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