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Partner Testing - Post signup
Partner Testing - Post signup
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At a Glance: This article will help you understand how you can test the flow and working of postback if you have signed up new to the platform as a "Partner"

Access to Demo Application

  • Once you sign in to your account after setting up basic details such as postbacks you will see an option of "Request Demo Application Access"

  • Click on that option and you will see that you have got access to the application named "Unilink Simulator"

  • Inside the application go to settings -> Postback Configuration -> Install Postback

  • Replace the security token with your token and click on the "POST" HTTP method

  • Enable the postback button and submit the settings

Perform In-app Activities

  • Go to the integration tab and click on attribution links and copy paste the click tracking URL which will redirect you to the Google Play Store and then you will need to install the "Unilink simulator" app

  • On installing the application you can perform in app activity of "Add to cart" or "Purchase" and can vie the results as part of the MMP reports. below is a video for a proper walkthrough


  • Go to "Touchpoints" and view events report

  • You will see that it has recorded the purchase and product view as part of the events and if you click on dashboard you can even see the install count as you have actually installed the application via your tracking link

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