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Migrate Firebase Dynamic Links to Trackier
Migrate Firebase Dynamic Links to Trackier

Migrate Firebase Dynamic Links to Trackier

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At a Glance : This article will provide you deep understanding on migration of firebase dynamic links to the trackier platform in detail.

Overview about Firebase

Firebase is an app development platform that helps customers build and grow apps. They offer a variety of tools including cloud storage, authentication, testing, and previously deep linking.

Firebase is expected to deprecate only Dynamic Links and not any of their other developer features. Dynamic Link users will be given a minimum of 12 months to fully migrate, but we’d recommend beginning the migration as soon as possible to ensure your current and potential customers don’t end up clicking broken Firebase links or having a poor user experience.

Now where will the Trackier come into the picture?

  • Well, Trackier is the best alternative to Firebase Dynamic Links making it even easier to handle the complexity of deep linking across platforms, channels, and use cases.

  • With Trackier's Unilink you can create a "single" link where your customers will be redirected to the page you want them to visit. It can be your social media page, web URL, play store or registration page.

  • Creating a UniLink template that represents various links that your user will be redirected to based on different conditions such as :
    a) New users without your app installed to the correct app store or web URL.
    b) Existing users with your app installed into the app via Android App Links, iOS Universal Links, and URI scheme.
    c) If these are not defined, users will default to the same settings as new users without your app installed (web URL or app store).

  • You can add advanced parameters including customizing the lookback window and adding an amount for cost per install and add additional parameters to your link, such as Campaign, Ad set name, Ad name, Channel, and your own custom parameters. You can add the same by clicking on "Add parameter" and can list of parameters as well.

  • Have a look at the detailed KB - UniLink

How to migrate the links?

  • To create the Trackier Link equivalent to REST API, utilize Trackier's API

  • To create the Trackier Link equivalent to Dynamic Builder API, utilize Trackier's relevant SDK methods (iOs || Android)

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