Glance Trackier Integration
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At a Glance: Glance is now integrated with MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner) in order to simplify and optimize attribution and reporting processes for app owners.

This integration offers advertisers and app owners the ability to effectively track and expand their app promotion campaigns.


Trackier and glance have established a partnership to provide advertisers with an integrated solution for optimizing their mobile advertising strategies.

This partnership empowers app marketers to maximize their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by consolidating user visibility and simplifying reporting. The fusion of Trackier's advanced tools and glance platform enables advertisers to achieve their growth objectives with precision and efficiency.

Integrate with Glance in 5 easy steps


  • Click on integrations and search for glance.

  • Click on Glance digital experience to proceed further with the integration.

    Glance Integration


Update the status of integration from disabled to active.



Go to "Attribution Window" and set the attribution window for Install Click-Through and Install View-Through.

attribution window


Go to attribution link section and edit the click tracking.

click tracking


  • Enable S2S to add &s2s=true&ip=$USER_IP&ua=$UA in the click tracking url which is mandatory for the integration.

  • Once you will enable the Get S2S url option and click on save, it will automatically add &s2s=true&ip=$USER_IP&ua=$UA in the click tracking url after which you can simply click on save.

Get S2S

Attribution Links

Attribution links allow advertisers to collect data about user engagement with an ad. You can generate one for click and impression and can add various parameters to it to drill down your analysis.


&s2s=true&ip=$USER_IP&ua=$UA - Mandatory to be embedded in click tracking url which can be done automatically by enabling get S2S url in the attribution link section.

Anti-Fraud settings

With Anti Fraud settings you can automatically block and restrict any fraudulent install or event and can make your application safer to use. To know Trackier's anti-fraud settings in detail go through the document - Anti-fraud settings


One can select and edit the permissions for the partner from the "Permissions" panel, and choose if one wants all these parameters to be seen in the partner interface.

a) Fraud Report Access - To give them access to the fraud report

b) Attribution Link Param update - To give them the access to change or edit the parameters added as part of attribution links

c) Uninstall - So they can check the uninstall stats and data

d) Retention Report - For partner to view retention report over their panel


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