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Data Export From Logs and Reports
Data Export From Logs and Reports

Data Export

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At a glance: This article will help you to export logs and report for data analysis on your end.


Trackier MMP offers a simple way to download the data from your dashboard without any obligation of the date range. You can export logs and reports from your panel for various reasons like sharing the stats with your team, analyzing the running campaigns, and so on.

Ways To Download The Logs

To download the data you can follow these steps-

  • Go to logs or reports section

  • Click on the download button on the top right-hand side of the panel

  • A modal will open up asking for the date range of the record for which you want to export data as well as the file name

  • Once all the details are filled in, you can export the file. The file will be ready as part of the "Recent exports"

  • When the file is ready you can download the same and the format of the file would be CSV.


-->For naming any export CSV file use characters allowed alphabets (a-z A-Z), numbers (0-9), special characters hyphen (-) and underscore (_)
--> Average time to download is 10 minutes.

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