Validation Rule

Validation Rule

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At a glance: This article will help the app owners to understand what is validation rule and how to set it up.

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Trackier MMP provides you with the "Validation Rule" feature that helps you to identify and block any invalid traffic as per your requirements. You can add conditions as per your specifications.
Validation rules add a unique layer of defense against fraudulent activity and campaigns that are improperly targeted. The rules give app owners the ability to manage which in-app events and installs are blocked, as well as which installs are attributed to the most recent legitimate source.

Steps for adding a validation rule

  • Go to the "Validation Rule" option given in the "Manage" section in the sidebar.

  • Click on the add rule and add the name of the validation rule.

  • Now choose for which "Metric" you want to add this rule. It can be either any In-App event or Install

  • Now you can select if you want to consider the Traffic "Invalid" or "Valid"

  • Add the conditions on which you want to consider the traffic valid or invalid

  • You can use multiple conditions in one rule

  • You can view all the validation rules that you have added and can delete any if you want to. You can even see the "Status" of the validation rule and the date that it was created.

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Note: By using a validation rule you can easily eliminate fraud traffic and get more relevant results.

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