Branded Domain

Branded Domain

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At a glance: This article explains how to set up a branded domain to promote your brand.


You can set up Whitelabel to promote your brand, differentiate traffic sources based on domains, avoid domain spamming, etc. A White label domain enables you to use your own company’s name in the URLs. Branded Domains are used to brand attribution links with your brand and domain.
For example, if you want to change the name of the campaign from to your application name or brand you can do that with the help of branded domain.

It's very easy to Whitelabel your domain on Trackier MMP and you can initiate and complete the process by following the simple steps on your own.

Steps to follow to set up Branded domain

  • Go to the "Deeplink" option in your dashboard and select the Branded Domain option.

  • Click on "Add New Domain" to add new domain name

  • Add your Domain Name with HTTP/HTTPS and click on "Verify "

Note: Before adding the domain name make sure that you have already added the CNAME record, name - and value with your domain name provider eg. Godaddy, Namecheap, Cloudflare, etc. For any questions please email us at

  • Enable the SSL option and save the domain.

Note: Enable this setting if you have SSL enabled on your domain.

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