Integration with Facebook Ads
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At a glance: This article will help you to integrate with Facebook Ads via Trackier MMP platform.

Learn how to create Facebook accounts - Business, Ads and Developer


Start tracking the effectiveness of your Facebook mobile app ads with Trackier's quick and simple one-time setup.

You just have to follow the below steps and the attributions will start for any app that you want to promote from your Facebook account.

Step 1: Retrieve your Facebook App ID

  • To create your Facebook App ID you need to go to your App dashboard on your Facebook account.

  • Create your New App under the App section and complete all the details

  • Once created, click on the required App on the dashboard and copy the APP ID from top of the screen.

Step 2: Add App ID and Decryption Key to Trackier

  • Go to the Integrated partner > Facebook on Trackier and click on Continue with Facebook.

  • A pop up will appear where you need to enter your Facebook user id and password.

  • Add a decryption key as well as part of the integration which you can find under "Basic settings" of the Facebook ID.

For Events Tracking

  • If you want to track events as well apart from installs you would need to add 2 other parameters as well which is dataset ID and Access token

  • Go to your business account on Facebook and then Go to settings -> Data sources -> Datasets

  • Click on the “Add” button and create a new dataset

  • Navigate to events managers by clicking on “Open in event manager”

  • Dataset ID will be reflected on the top-most portion of “Settings”

  • You will see the data set ID as part of settings and to generate an access token scroll down to “Set up direct integration”, under this heading you will find the button to generate an access token (basically a dataset access token), and click on generate access token to generate the token.

Your dataset ID will be the same as your existing pixel ID if an existing pixel is linked to your dataset. Examples of when an existing pixel is linked to your dataset include when: Your pixel was automatically converted to a dataset.
To know more about datasets go through -

Please also make sure to link your application inside the settings for this arrangement to work as expected

Note: Make sure the "Activate partner" button is active on Trackier's Facebook integration page.

How to Optimize your campaign

  • Each campaign has a specific goal - Increasing application installs or Maximizing any app event such as purchase etc.

  • When you will be creating an ad set for your ad campaign it will ask you for a performance goal and in case you want it to be "In app event" specific choose the "Maximize number of events" and then under app event choose the event name to fetch better results

Once done, your integration with Facebook ads is complete and you will be able to track conversions.

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