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UnilLink Management and Experience
UnilLink Management and Experience
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At a Glance : This article will provide an understanding on how you can add link for the created template.

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Once you have created a template next step would be if you would like to add a link for the same.

Please go through below mentioned steps for the same :-

  • Go to "Manage Links"

  • Add the name of the link. Select a media source or enter a custom media source. This is the media source under which data displays in Trackier. The media source is included in your link as the pid parameter value.

  • Have a campaign name and Turn on Retargeting if you plan to use this link to target existing users. ​This enables you to see the re-engagements performed by users clicking on your custom link.

  • Re-Engagement window - The window begins when the user opens the app for the first time after engaging with the retargeting media source. In-app events are double attributed to the retargeting and user acquisition media sources for the duration of the window. Existing users who click on non-retargeting links (UA) also launch the app and have the same user experience. However, their re-engagements are recorded as regular sessions, which means it's impossible to measure the success of the owned media campaign.

  • Deep Linking name would require your developers. Contact your iOS and Android developers for the same

  • Advanced parameters include customizing the lookback window and adding an amount for cost per install.

You may want to add additional parameters to your link, such as Campaign, Ad set name, Ad name, Channel, and your own custom parameters. You can add the same by clicking on "Add parameter" and can list of parameters as well.

  • Once you have added all these details a QR code and short link will be generated which you can further share with your stakeholders

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